Sardinia Helmet White LIMITED EDITION MM Independent

Sardinia Helmet White LIMITED EDITION MM Independent

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Exclusively on SPHelmets the Jet Helmet MM Independent color White dedicated to thethe Sardinia:
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Homologated for the whole of Europe
  • Limited edition only 300 pieces available
  • Reflective colouring for better visibility at night
  • Comfortable, Resistant, Practical

Graphics in Shades of White, Black and Red representing symbols of the region. 

Writings and Finishes embossed Gold Color visible even at night thanks to the Chrometech® technology.

CHROMETECH® Is the only color that has a reflective effect in all light conditions. For example, in the case of artificial lights such as car headlights, Chrometech® reflects the light source, making itself much more visible than a normal color.

This effect of refractivity allows the biker to be Clearly visible on the road even at long distances, especially in the night environment, giving helmets unparalleled depth and recognition.

On the Canopy are depicted the symbols of theSardinian Identity. First of all the Flag with the Four Moors, of Aragonese origin, present on the right side in its modern shape (With heads turned to the right, i.e. towards Italy and uncovered eyes, symbolizing momentum toward the future) and on the left side in the historical form (with blindfolded eyes and heads turned to the left, that is, to Spain).

Shown in the background are the nuragic sites of Su Nuraxi by Barumini (right side), by Nuraghe Losa of Abbasanta and the Holy Well of Saint Christina (left side).

At the rear is depicted the Judge Eleanor of Arborea, who ruled over the most enduring Giudicato in Sardinian history, the Giudicato d'Arborea, represented with at its feet the eponymous Falco Eleonorae (in Italian Queen's Hawk), a bird of prey named after Eleanor herself because of the special regulation designed to protect it from poaching that she instituted.

Further down, the two masks of the Sardinian carnival of Mamoiada, the Mamuthones and the Issohadores, flank the inscription"Sardigna," the historical name of the region.

Moving up toward the front we then find the Sardus Pater Coin, also called"Babai," the ancient coinage with paternal symbolism, on which the grandfather of Emperor Augustus is depicted. Still higher up, the uprooted Tree symbolizing the giudicato of Arborea and the flamingos symbolizing Cagliari as well as all of Sardinia.

On the temples two golden filaments, one on each side, bear the words "I assure you that I only yearn for you", the infamous phrase taken from the song "No Potho Reposare," which originated from the poem "A Diosa," by poet Badore Sini and then set to music shortly thereafter by composer Giuseppe Rachel, later sung by several choirs and the famous Maria Carta, known to younger people in Andrea Parodi's interpretation.

Limited edition product. Only 300 pieces available. On each helmet is the serial number (ES: "1/300" selectable upon request, subject to availability).
Dome in ABS minimalist design. Visor spherical with support in carbonBuckle micrometric.

Specific paints for increased weathering resistance.
Product 100% Made in Italy built with the best materials by experienced craftsmen. Each helmet is made with the utmost care and with great attention to the details and in the finishes.

Canopy MaterialABS
Visortransparent, with UV sun filter treatment
Inner material: High sweat absorption fabric and micro-perforated mesh. 
Fabrics With silver ion treatment for effective bacterio-staticity.
Spherical visor with anti-scratch treatment and radiation absorption up to 400 microns (UV absorber) with stitched leather edge and aviation carbon support brackets.
Chinstrap With micrometric buckle.

XS 53-54
XL 61-62
The head circumference measurement should be taken just above the ears.

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What Our Customers Say About Us


Beautiful product, I bought and received my Sicily helmet on time. Serious and very professional company, the helmet is unique, original, finished and fully represents my Sicily. Value for money excellent and contacts with the company equally excellent. Advice as a friend, have a look around the site, you will buy for sure. Semper fidelis


It's a unique helmet of excellent and very first quality, I'm from Naples, I got the one with the vivid images that was beautiful but particularly unique in my country! Only I have a helmet designed down to the smallest detail and centred on the symbols and idols of each city.


Today I received my Historical Football helmet: a marvel. Comfortable, detailed and beautiful. Definitely value for money is there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will be back to see you for other purchases.


Already purchased, fantastic very detailed and very well finished


Wonderful... Nothing more to add

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Limited Edition, gold mark with model run
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